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MySQL Question

Can't connect to RDS instance from EC2 instance

From EC2 instance i-78a8df00, I'm trying to connect to RDS instance mysql.************ They are both in the U.S. East region. I added the security group of EC2 instance (sg-********) to the RDS security group, but that didn't help. It appears to be a firewall/DNS issue as it is timing out when running this command:

ubuntu@ip-10-195-189-237:~$ mysql -h mysql.************

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql.************' (110)

I can connect to RDS instance fine from my local machine using the same line as above. I tried various forum solutions but those don't help.

Answer Source

Looks like sometime between the last posting and this posting, Amazon fixed the DNS routing issue, because everything works fine now for multi-AZ rds...

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