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C++ for Objective-C programmer

I know there are a lot of "Objective-C for the C++ programmer" information out there and it could be used the other way around. I'm just curious if there is anyone who has knowledge about a "native" "C++ for the Objective-C programmer" tutorial/book?

I'm actually looking to work in C++ in parts of a upcoming iOS project. Basically I need to do a lot of wrappers around C++ code.

(I do know that they can co-exist and that Obj-C is a subset of C, just like C++, however different reasons I would like to gain more knowledge into C++. Coming from a Obj-C background I just ask for some guidance on the matter.)

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I don't know of a book for learning C++ for the Objective-C programmer. The fact that the Objective-C foundation libraries offer a lot out of the box (not to mention all the other frameworks which are part of the iOS and Mac SDKs, which is the main use-area for Objective-C) which is not covered by the C++ standard libraries might be a reason. The new C++11 standard and the boost C++ libraries go some way to bridging the gap.

There are quite a few articles which describe the main difference including this one.

The understanding of OOP you have aquired in Objective C as well as it's C subset (in your question you say "Obj-C is a subset of C", it's the opposite), will give you a big head start in learning C++, but it seems you have no alternative than to use C++ books and learn directly from them.


Adding the link to the SO post on good C++ books, suggested by @Bart in the comments.

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