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React Router onEnter Error

i'm trying to add route authentication to my reactjs app on react router, but whenever I add the authentication function i created to the on enter property on the specific route i get the following error.

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

My Routes

// libraries
import React from '../node_modules/react';
import {Router, Route, browserHistory, IndexRoute, Redirect} from '../node_modules/react-router';
// route middleware
import requiresAuth from '../middleware/requiresAuth';
// components
import App from '../modules/other/app.jsx';
import Dashboard from '../modules/stats/dashboard.jsx';
import Login from '../modules/auth/login.jsx';
import NotFound from '../modules/errors/notfound.jsx';
// routes
export const routes =
<Router history={browserHistory}>
<Route path="/" component={App}>
<IndexRoute component={Dashboard} onEnter={requiresAuth} />
<Route path="dashboard" name="dashboard" component={Dashboard} onEnter={requiresAuth} />
<Route path="login" name="login" component={Login} />
<Route path="*" name="notfound" component={NotFound} />

My authentication function

const requiresAuth = (nextState, replace) => {
if (!loggedIn()) {
path: '/login',
state: {next: nextState.location.pathname}

const loggedIn = () => {
return !!localStorage.token;

export default requiresAuth;

Answer Source

To fix the error, You have to change your replace code from

    path: '/login',
    state: {next: nextState.location.pathname}


  pathname: '/login',
  state: {nextPathname: nextState.location.pathname}
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