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Insert php array into mysql table

I forgot to mention that echo

'65.70', 'Coles','34 days','14'
- which would appear to be the right syntax?

I'm a php/mysql newbie, and I think this is fairly basic, but having read all of the other stackoverflow questions on this topic and fiddling with different versions of my code for several hours I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. Would very much appreciate any help/suggestions.

Aim: pass data from my php array (
) into a mysql table

( [0] => 65.70 [1] => Coles [2] => 34 days [3] => 14 )

( [0] => 62.70 [1] => Coles [2] => 13 days [3] => 14 )

( [0] => 12.70 [1] => Safeway [2] => 43 days [3] => 14 )


mysql_query('INSERT INTO Australia (Price, Company, Days, Weight) VALUES ('$matstring')');

Answer Source

Corrected code:


mysql_query("INSERT INTO Australia (Price, Company, Days, Weight) VALUES ('$matstring')");

(i.e. delete the second line from original code and put double quotes around the argument of mysql_query)

Appreciate user1847757's help - as s/he pointed out, $matstring itself was correct, but the single quotes inside of VALUES(' ') were being joined to the single quotes added to $matstring in the 2nd line of my original code, resulting in VALUES(''65.70','Coles','34 days','14'')

Thanks all for your help & suggestions

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