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How to add multiple data to jQuery Datatable Cell

I'm using Datatables to represent data from a JSON. This is my JSON:

[{"postIMAGE": "/images/abc.jpg", "postTITLE": "Some Text", "postURL" : "blah", "postSection" : "blah"}]

This is my code:

var table = $('#tableId').DataTable({
"ajax": {
"url": "loadSiteContent",
"dataSrc": "",
data: {sectionUrl: "", siteUrl: siteurl}
"columns": [
{"data": "postIMAGE", "render": function (data) {
return '<img src=' + data + ' width="154" height="115"/>';
{"data": "postTITLE"},

{"data": "postURL", "render": function (data) {
return '<a href=' + data + ' target="_blank" rel="nofollow"/>' + data + '</a>';

So the view will be like this:

Enter image description here

But I want to create the table like following. How do I do that? Single column and all details in that single sell.

Enter image description here

Answer Source

You can use render for that:
For example:

    data: null,
    name: null,
    orderable: false,
    render: function (data, type, row) {
       return row.Field1 +
              "<img src='" + row.Field2 + "' />";           

In other word, you create single column and show all data into it by using row.fieldName like top example.
I hope this be useful.

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