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jQuery Question

How to create public and private members?

I'm a bit confused, how can I create public and private members.

My code template so far is like:

var _blah = 1;

someFunction = function() {

someOtherFunction = function() {

Answer Source

You may want to use the Yahoo Module Pattern:

myModule = function () {

    //"private" variables:
    var myPrivateVar = "I can be accessed only from within myModule."

    //"private" method:
    var myPrivateMethod = function () {
        console.log("I can be accessed only from within myModule");

    return {
        myPublicProperty: "I'm accessible as myModule.myPublicProperty."

        myPublicMethod: function () {
            console.log("I'm accessible as myModule.myPublicMethod.");

            //Within myProject, I can access "private" vars and methods:

You define your private members where myPrivateVar and myPrivateMethod are defined, and your public members where myPublicProperty and myPublicMethod are defined.

You can simply access the public methods and properties as follows:

myModule.myPublicMethod();    // Works
myModule.myPublicProperty;    // Works
myModule.myPrivateMethod();   // Doesn't work - private
myModule.myPrivateVar;        // Doesn't work - private
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