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Apache Configuration Question

Impossible to serve generated images without restarting app with Rails + Passenger?

I have images that are generated by users and written to


I have

config.serve_static_files = true
config.assets.compile = true

I have

Rails.application.config.assets.paths << Rails.root.join('public', 'designer', 'designer_output')

Yet I can't access the files either by requesting

If I restart the server then the files become available only via the
path. But I need them to be available as soon as they are created without restarting.

If find it odd that I can't access them through the public folder at all.

This is on Rails 4.2.6 with Apache/Passenger

Also I have carrierwave as an upload gem, and it is storing files in public/uploads folder and that works fine.

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The public folder is used as the web root for the rails server. You need to drop public in the path or URL:

<!-- file is at /public/foo/bar.png --!>
<img src="/foo/bar.png" />
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