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iOS custom TableViewCell class subviews return null

I use Xamarin iOS designer to design custom TableViewCell class for my TableView.
But all cell subviews properties (outlets) return null except cell itself.

My custom cell class:

partial class VehiclesTableCell : UITableViewCell
public VehiclesTableCell(IntPtr handle) : base(handle) { }

public void UpdateCell(string licensePlate) {
licensePlateLabel.Text = licensePlate; //hit the null reference exception for licensePlateLabel

Generated partial class:

[Register ("VehiclesTableCell")]
partial class VehiclesTableCell
[GeneratedCode ("iOS Designer", "1.0")]
UILabel licensePlateLabel { get; set; }

void ReleaseDesignerOutlets ()
if (licensePlateLabel != null) {
licensePlateLabel.Dispose ();
licensePlateLabel = null;

And GetCell of my Table Source class:

public class VehiclesTableSource : UITableViewSource
public override UITableViewCell GetCell(UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath) {

// Dequeueing the reuse cell
var cell = (VehiclesTableCell)tableView.DequeueReusableCell(new NSString(typeof(VehiclesTableCell).Name));

// Set cell properties

// Return the cell with populated data
return cell;

As we see genereted code has an outlet for licensePlate so why is its property null?
Is storyboard not supposed to instantiate all of its subviews automatically?
At least its happening in all other situations.

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Answer Source

I was having the same problem with my custom TableViewCell. I found out the issue was with TableView.RegisterClassForCellReuse (typeof(MyCell), MyCellId). I had to change it to TableView.RegisterNibForCellReuse(UINib.FromName("MyCell", NSBundle.MainBundle), MyCellId) in order to get my .xib loaded.

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