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HTML Question

If text or value starts with a character, run function

I need to detect if the text in a span BEGINS WITH the letter "x" and run a function. I read I can do it with "^" in strings - but having trouble making it work checking text...


if ($('span:contains(^"x")').length > 0) {
alert ('there is text on this page starts with x');

Bonus points of I can also check the value of an input field...

Answer Source

You've to iterate over all the <span> elements, check the condition and run the code. Use text() to get the textContent of the element and trim() to remove leading and trailing spaces.

$('span').each(function() {
    if ($(this).text().trim().startsWith('x')) {
        alert('Check this span, it starts with x');

        // Use `$(this)` here to refer to the current <span>

If there are many <span> elements in DOM, :contains() can be used to select only the elements having some string(x).

$('span:contains("x")').each(function() {
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