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How do I trigger an event on model change in Angular2?

I would like to build a drum machine in Angular2 similar to an existing Angular project.

The way I have structured the components is to have a SequencerComponent (parent) that emits an event (@Output) at a specified interval (BPM).

// sequencer.component.ts
@Output() metronome = new EventEmitter();

onBeat(count: number) {
if(this.isPlaying) { = count == 1;
this.beat.two = count == 2;
this.beat.three = count == 3;
this.beat.four = count == 4;


PadsComponent (child) listens to this event (@Input) and should then play a sound if a PadComponent (grand-child) is set to active.

// pads.component.ts
export class PadsComponent {
@Input() hit: any = {};

// pads.component.html
<pad []="" class="column pad"></pad>

<pad []="hit.two" class="column pad"></pad>

<pad []="hit.three" class="column pad"></pad>

<pad []="hit.four" class="column pad"></pad>

I can get the classes to change but obviously I want to do more than HTML attribute binding. Working example

How can I get the child and grand-child to run a function on model change? And is there a better, more idiomatic way to solve this problem?

I have tried using
but I haven't discovered how to use it in this use case.

is being bound to the
like so:

<!-- sequencer.component.html -->
<div class="columns">
<div class="column">
<a class="button is-success" (click)="onPlay($event)" href="">Play</a>

<a class="button is-danger" (click)="onStop($event)" href="">Stop</a>

<pads [hit]="beat"></pads>

Answer Source

Instead of @Input() hit: any = {}; you can have a getter and a setter for hit :

private _hit;  // define a private variable _hit

set hit(hit:any){  
    this._hit = hit;  // set the private variable and do whatever you want after each change
get hit(){  
    return this._hit;

Your template code is still the same,

<pad []="" class="column pad"></pad>

check this plunk for an example.

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