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Creating a Website Landing Page with Inline Elements

I am trying to create a header with two inline elements in it, picture and text. What I'm going for (I circled the two elements):

Landing Page with Inline Elements

How would I go about this? I tried floating the text to the right, but it takes up the whole screen (not resizing).

Answer Source

If I understood correctly, there should be an image towards the left and towards the right end of the image, there should be a descriptive text?

If that is the case, (among the many) one option is to give a margin-left to the element which holds the text and we should know the size of the image to do it correctly:

.header {
  background: url("") no-repeat;
.content {
  margin-left: 355px;
<div class="header">
  <div class="content">
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