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PHP Question

is there a good PHP CRUD code generator?

Is there any better PHP CRUD code generator?

I want to get Data Access Object, Business Object and Value Object.

It would be difficult to match my needs, but I am happy at least I can get any relevant one.


I am working on an MVC based application.
I am using my own MVC framework.
I need this code generator to generate codes for MODEL part.
For example Entity Class and Value Objects Currently my codes are like below.

class CustomersDAO
public function add() {$CustomersVO}
public function update($CustomersVO) {}
public function delete() {}
public function get() {}
class CustomersVO
public $id;
public $name;
public $tp;
public $address;
class CustomerBO
private $id;
private $name;
private $tp;
private $address;

public function getID() {};
public function setID($val) {};
// other getters and setters gos here..

// other business logics

Answer Source (scaffholding)

all can generate the basic business logic via command line.

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