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Embed image in CakePHP3 Email

Original Question

I am sending an email using CakePHP 3's Mailer Aware trait.

My mail is being sent with this function:

public function forgotPassword($user,$password)
->from(['' => 'DeltaBEC Intraweb'])
->to([$user->email => $user->name . ' ' . $user->surname])
->subject('New Intraweb Password')
->template('Users' . DS . 'forgot_password', 'default')
'file' => WWW_ROOT . 'img' . DS . 'logo-dark.png',
'mimetype' => 'image/png',
'contentId' => 'company_logo'

In my email I have this:

<?= $this->Html->image('cid:company_logo'); ?>

But my mail comes through like this:

enter image description here

What am I doing wrong? Is there a reason it's not embedding the image in the email?

EDIT 1 - Discovery

So I took the email and saved it as html. This is what it shows me:

<img id="_x0000_i1025" src="/cakesite/img/cid%3Acompany_logo">

Seems it's encoding the link and placing a whole URL instead of just the

EDIT 2 - Feature request

I'd expect it to work the way I used it. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the way I did it, so I added a ticket on Github so it can be discussed, and hopefully it get's added.

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Answer Source

The HTML helpers image() method, respectively the URL helper, doesn't recognize the special cid scheme, or any other scheme that doesn't use // after the :, and therefore will try to create an image asset URL.

This may be something for an enhancement request, or maybe even considered as a bug, so you may want to open a ticket over at GitHub.

For now, just ditch using the helper and create the <img> tags manually.

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