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Swift Question

Xcode 7.2 <unknown>:0: error: unexpected input file: (path to file)/Main.storyboard

I'm working with Xcode 7.2 on an iOS app in swift when suddenly got the following error at build time (replaced User and app name by variables):

<unknown>:0: error: unexpected input file: /Users/($User)/Code/($appname)/($appname)/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 1

I was trying to add some label on a view and update it via some code, it was in a trial and error way...

while searching on the web for solutions, I found strange that a right-click on

"Main.storyboard -> Open As" proposes:

  • source code

  • ASCII property list

  • Hex

  • Quick Look

but does not propose "Interface builder - Storyboard" as some solutions pointed out

Any help are appreciated

Answer Source

It seems your project cannot able to find Main.StoryBoard.

You may just look in /projectName/projectName/Base.lproj. The storyboard is there. You can drag it into Xcode and its as good as new.

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