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Opening web URL with NSButton - Mac OS

I need some help with specific copy and paste code to help me get this running. I want users to click on a NSButton and it will launch safari or their default web browser.

I added a NSButton on my form and then added the declaration and implementation for that but still isn't working. why is it not working? Thanks in Advance...

--------.h file--------
// Copyright (c) 2013 Company. All rights reserved.

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "HttpRequest.h"
#import "JSON.h"
#import "ChimpKit.h"
#define NORMAL_0 0
#define MAILCHIMP_1 1

@protocol RegistrationWindowDelegate

-(void) registrationDidFinished;


@interface RegistrationWindowController : NSWindowController<HttpRequestDelegate,ChimpKitDelegate,NSWindowDelegate> {

IBOutlet NSButton *pushApp1; //Newly added NSButton for opening Web URL

IBOutlet NSWindow *registerWindow;
IBOutlet NSWindow *privacyWindow;
IBOutlet NSTextField *firstNameField, *lastNameField, *emailField, *verfilyEmailField;
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *countryPopUpBtn;
IBOutlet NSButton *updateCheckBox, *promotionCheckBox;
IBOutlet NSMenuItem *registerMenuItem;
IBOutlet NSProgressIndicator *progressIndicator;
IBOutlet NSButton *registerSoftware,*registerLater;
id<RegistrationWindowDelegate> delegate;

@property(nonatomic,assign) id<RegistrationWindowDelegate> delegate;
- (id)initForRegistrationServer:(int) registrationServer withDelegate:(id<RegistrationWindowDelegate>) delegate;
+ (BOOL) isRegistered;
- (void) setRegistered:(BOOL)state;
- (void) openWindow:(id) sender;
- (BOOL)isValidEmail:(NSString *)email;
-(void) registerWithNormal;
- (void) registerWithMailChimpForApps;
- (NSArray *)addCountries;


and this is my .m file (I tried with snippets of code I found on the web)

--------.m file--------

// Copyright (c) 2013 Computer. All rights reserved.

#import "RegistrationWindowController.h"

@interface RegistrationWindowController ()


int registrationServer;

@implementation RegistrationWindowController
@synthesize delegate;

- (IBAction)pushApp1:(id)sender {

///Found this snippet on the web, but doesnt work
NSURL *myURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:myURL];

///// Also Found this snippet on the web, but doesnt work
// NSString *s = [ NSString stringWithFormat:@""];
// [[NSApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:s]];


Answer Source

This should work:

-(IBAction)pushApp1:(id)sender {
    [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]];
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