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Workaround for lack of 'nameof' operator in C# for type-safe databinding?

There has been a lot of sentiment to include a

operator in C#. As an example of how this operator would work,
would return the string

I have a domain object. And I have to bind it. And I need names of properties as strings then. And I want them to be type-safe.

I remember coming across a workaround in .NET 3.5 which provided the functionality of
and involved lambda expressions. However, I have not been able to locate this workaround. Can anyone provide that workaround to me?

I am also interested in a way to implement the functionality of
in .NET 2.0 if that is possible.

Answer Source

This code basically does that:

class Program
    static void Main()
        var propName = Nameof<SampleClass>.Property(e => e.Name);


public class Nameof<T>
    public static string Property<TProp>(Expression<Func<T, TProp>> expression)
        var body = expression.Body as MemberExpression;
        if(body == null)
            throw new ArgumentException("'expression' should be a member expression");
        return body.Member.Name;

(Of course it is 3.5 code...)

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