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PHP Question


I have a website on a lamp stack with little to no extra configuration other than

FallbackResource /index.php
present in my root .htaccess

When I load the root page (localhost ) in Chrome I receive


in the chrome console after about 10 seconds. If I attempt to follow the link at VM110:1 it takes me to the top of my inline Javascript.

More information / What I've tried

  • This does NOT occur on any other page but root

  • There are no 404's in the access log nor any other abnormal codes

  • There are no errors appearing in the apache error log.

  • The error does not occur in the latest version of IE or Firefox.

  • It caused a problem in both my local environment and hosted. The latter has absolutely no config changes and I expect to be a near default install.

  • When I remove the
    directive my page loads fine without the error

In index.php the root is treated no different than any other page.

This would all be a non-issue because everything loads properly BUT it prevents javascript relying on a finished page load from working.

Any further ideas on what is causing the problem or new things I can try? I've considered moving to just using mod_rewrite but this is much simpler.

Answer Source

Finally found the answer while working on another site:

Before FallbackResource directive be sure to add a DirectoryIndex directive with the same file. Haven't had time to research why but it fixed my issue. I blame it on a Chrome bug or possibly Chrome being super picky because no other major browser has an issue.

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