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dynamically created HTML content & Google search robots

What is the right way to create large site with PHP template, that is creating each article from variables defined in MySql?If i create for example html page after click on specific product, will be Google able get this document to show product like this?

enter image description here

And if this is possible, what is best structure for this?

I noticed somebody is using :


and somebody is using sentence like this :


Id like to use second option, so what is the best way to do this?
So far im able to get data from MySql and get it as variable to php.

Im sorry, because this is probably a stupid question, but HTML that will be created is just virtual thing or its a physical file on server?

I know pretty well HTML, JS and little bit of PHP, but all my projects was small sites, that was hardcoded, so thanks for consideration.

Answer Source

Google will not crawl, to unknown links. it can only crawl to all links which can be traveled from your home page. or links that other sites are pointing to your site.

The link could be either <a/> tag or even a dropdown somewhere in your page should be ok. but not autocomplete or search box.

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