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Android: Access http server instead of https in vector (Android Matrix client)

  • I'm using vector (It's a Android Matrix client Download link: This Vector is using
    the https server ( and as home
    and identity url's) but i want to connect my local matrix server
    using http not https.

  • For this i edited the strings.xml (id's are
    matrix_org_server_url, default_hs_server_url,
    ) file with my local http server.

  • In this case i'm getting the toast message as "Unable to login :
    failed to connect to (port 8008)
    after 15000ms". can anyone help where to change this setting


Initially i'm not able to access the local matrix server url in my system browser for this i added server details in
after that i'm able to access it in my browser

Answer Source

By using https server only we can use vector services. So, i changed strings.xml as like this

<string name="vector_im_server_url"></string>
<string name="matrix_org_server_url">my_local_https_server_url</string>
<string name="default_hs_server_url">my_local_https_server_url</string>
<string name="default_identity_server_url"></string>  

to know these url's open your local https server url in browser. It will show Home Server and Identity Server as shown in the image and paste Identity Server url in vector_im_server_url and default_identity_server_url then Home Server url in matrix_org_server_url and default_hs_server_url

enter image description here

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