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Framework for developing realtime websocket application

I am into developing an application for playing chess online. The current version hosted at works okay for multiple players chatting and playing against each other. It uses WebSockets and the Java web application running on Jetty 8.

I'm planning to port the application from native WebSockets to a framework which would support WebSockets as well as other protocols for fallback (long polling, streaming, etc.).

I have looked into various frameworks (Java based), such as JWebSockets, Play and Atmosphere. Currently Atmosphere frameworks looks like the one I should go with. The only problem being that the framework does not have a very good documentation and looks to be in early stages.

I would love if someone can guide me with the list of frameworks that I can go with keeping in mind my limitations (technology should be Java, would prefer to run the application on tomcat/jetty or glassfish, please don't suggest since I am not into node.js). Also is Atmosphere framework stable and production ready?

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The Atmosphere project recently released stable version 1.0, and added version 1.0.1 today. I have used it quite a bit, and it seems reasonably stable.

I can confirm that the documentation is not as good as it could be, but it's enough as a starting point. If you have any further questions, there's a Google Group with very helpful people.

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