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TypeScript Question

Using jspm with TypeScript

Is it possible to combine jspm with TypeScript and the TypeScript module system?

I couldn't find documentation or samples of this.

Answer Source

Update - v1.5

SystemJS has been added as a module kind for TypeScript, so you should be able to use SystemJS out of the box and compile with the module flag:

tsc --module system app.ts

This was added alongside the ES6 module importing syntax, so you should be able to use that style and have it compiled to what you need.

import * as $ from "jquery";

Original Answer

If you are using the SystemJS syntax, you can declare the parts you need like this:


interface System {
    then: (cb: Function) => void;

interface SystemStatic {
    import: (name: string) => System;

declare var System: SystemStatic;

export = System;

You should then be able to use it like this:

/// <reference path="jquery.d.ts" />

import System = require('systemjs');

System.import('jquery').then(($: JQueryStatic) => {
    $('#id').html('Hello world');
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