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Javascript Question

How to break/exit from a each() function in JQuery?

I have some code:

$(xml).find("strengths").each(function() {
//How can i escape from this block based on a condition.

How can i escape from the "each" code block based on a condition?


What if we have something like this:

$(xml).find("strengths").each(function() {
$(this).each(function() {
//I want to break out from both each loops at the same time.

Is it possible to break out from both "each" functions from the inner "each" function?

# 19.03.2013

If you want to continue instead of break out

return true;

Answer Source

According to the documentation you can simply return false; to break:

$(xml).find("strengths").each(function() {

    if (iWantToBreak)
        return false;
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