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Debug VM with xDebug and PhpStorm

My work setup is a Windows XP host, running an Ubuntu VM LAMP stack. I am using PhpStorm to edit my code on my host Windows machine. Upon saving files are automatically uploaded to the VM via SFTP. Everything works for this process, except debugging.

I have setup PhpStorm to have a server named "UbuntuVM" with the following settings:


- XDebug

Debug session settings:

- Break at the first line

- Wait for connection with ide key: XDEBUG_PHPSTORM

Before launch:

- Upload files to selected server

I am using Chrome with Xdebug Helper, and have set the extension to use "Other" as the IDE, with "XDEBUG_PHPSTORM" as the key.

The VM has the following in the php.ini:


When I set a break point in my IDE, enable the debugger in Chrome, and reload the page, I never hit the break point; and the IDE says "Waiting for connection on port 9000 with ide key 'XDEBUG_PHPSTORM'".

Does anyone have any idea why I'm not hitting my break points?

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Comes to find out that xdebug.remote_host isn't needed, rather, use xdebug.remote_connect_back=1.

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