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C# Question

Accessing a Dictionary.Keys Key through a numeric index

I'm using a

Dictionary<string, int>
where the
is a count of the key.

Now, I need to access the last-inserted Key inside the Dictionary, but I do not know the name of it. The obvious attempt:

int LastCount = mydict[mydict.keys[mydict.keys.Count]];

does not work, because
does not implement a []-indexer.

I just wonder if there is any similar class? I thought about using a Stack, but that only stores a string. I could now create my own struct and then use a
, but I wonder if there is another alternative, essentially a Dictionary that implements an []-indexer on the Keys?

Answer Source

Its very simple. But you need use linq.

int LastCount = mydict.Keys.ElementAt(mydict.Count -1);
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