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What does it mean " C++ backend programming "

Hello at first i would like to point out that i saw 2 topics with nearly same title but i didnot find an answer there.

The problem is that i dont exactly understand what does it mean when somebody says that he is c++ backend programmer.

i am new web developer and i consider websites to have 2 parts frontend and backend the frontend is design and UX and backend is serversided , and it proccesses data and communicates with the database and more of course.

I use php as a backend language and i cant imagine submiting html form to c++ file... how is it meant? i have also never seen having a c++ files with html in the same folder can someone explain me this ?

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You never submit a html form to some language file, be it c++ or php. A language file is something purely passive, a text sequence, a string in the end. Instead you submit it to a http server which determines what process or service it to hand over to to be processed.

A classical situation is indeed a http server with php embedded as module or cgi or fastcgi service. But other services are also in common usage and certainly more can be imagined and created. But in all cases you do not hand over values to a language file ("code"), but to a service based on that code. However please note that the term "backend" does not necessarily refer to a web architecture. The web and the http protocol are only a (small) part of what we call "the internet" today, and that again is only part of network topologies in general. Many more things exist, different tasks require different tools, thus different solutions are created.

Very often services are implemented in c++, since that language offers a very good compromise between maintainability and performance. Especially it is typical that services based on c or c++ offer a much better performance than php based services.

Think of c++ as the language operating systems are implemented in for a reason... :-)

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