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jQuery get values from inputs and create an array

I have many inputs on a page. I want to create an associative array with each input's name and value using jQuery. I've tried:

<input class="activeInput" type="text" name="key1" value="red">
<input class="activeInput" type="text" name="key3" value="France">

inputValues = $('.activeInput').val();

EDIT - Thanks to the insightful comments, it seems maybe creating an object is a better way to go. Any suggestions on how to create an object instead?

Jon Jon

You can use .each() to iterate over the elements and add the names and values to a map (a plain object) like this:

var map = {};
$(".activeInput").each(function() {
    map[$(this).attr("name")] = $(this).val();

alert(map.key1); // "red"

See it in action.