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IIS 8.5 Serving Old Files

I have a clickonce application on Windows Server 2012 IIS 8.5. I recently updated it to a new version and it works fine, except for one url used by a second web page to link to it. It links directly to the .application file and when I use that link I get version of that file instead of the one that is one the server version

It's only when using the that link, other url's server the correct file. I've even stopped the website on both servers (load balanced) and the link still somehow downloads the old file.

I have cache and kernel cache turned off under Output Cache Settings in IIS, I have Common HTTP Response Headers set to Expire Web Content immediately, but it's still serving up and old file even though it doesn't exist anymore. I have a url rewrite rule for that specific url to redirect to one that works and still I download an old file.

I've restarted IIS and the servers themselves and nothing has changed. I then tried copying the files to a new folder and creating a new site in IIS. I copied over the bindings and stopped the old site and app pool. Still get served the old file.

Can anyone help me figure out what's going on with the IIS? How is it serving up a file that doesn't exist, even when the website is stopped? How can I get it to update?

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This was eventually found to be caused by a setting on the load balancer caching results. We turned off this setting and now no longer have the issue.

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