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Connection refused: ADB connection from Iphone to windows

I am trying to build a watch face for Android wear. The Android wear is an emulator and the device that I have is an iPhone connected via USB to my windows laptop

I have followed the instructions from the below link ,
verified device compatibility as per
and have also followed responses as per the answers @ adb connection over tcp not Working now, however I am receiving the following error

unable to connect to :5555: cannot connect :5555: No conn
ection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (10061)

Answer Source

Thanks. I was able to figure out with some research that getting to have iPhone with a wearable emulator may not be possible and decided to have both my device and wearable as emulators. Though it was difficult, I was able to get both my emulators talk to each other with the below link Pairing Android and Wear emulators and with a minor change to authentication, which I have included as comment in the stackoverflow post

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