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iOS Question

The Mute Button Won't Mute AVAudioPlayer

I need to loop play a .caf file in my iPhone app.

The AVAudioPlayer looks promising. But there's one problem. It won't stop or mute even if I pressed the mute button on the iPhone.

And I understand that there would be no way to programmatically find out whether that mute button is pressed or not in iOS 5.

So, what I need to know might be some properties about AVAudioPlayer or AVAudioSession. Or, perhaps, I may need to consider other libraries to loop playing my .caf file.

Any idea?

Answer Source

I realized it was because I had this line of code

[[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory: AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback error: nil];

I then changed it into

[[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory: AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient error: nil];

Then the mute button would work and stop my AVAudioPlayer...

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