Chiu Chiu -4 years ago 145
Javascript Question

What's new() in node.js

I'm studying the WebRTC tutorial from Google's codelab.

In its

section for Node.js. I has the following line.

var fileServer = new(nodeStatic.Server)();

I understand
is an operator to create instances. But it above is using
which confuses me.

Can someone please explain it for me? Thanks.

Answer Source

nodeStatic.Server is apparently a constructor. So, your code works like this;

let serverConstructor = nodeStatic.Server;
let fileServer = new serverConstructor();

The parens are used in your original code to control the competing precedence between new, () and the . operator to make sure things are evaluated in the proper order. You'd have to study the precedence rules in the Javascript spec to see if the parens around nodeStatic.Server are actually needed or not.

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