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Where can I find RxJava 2 examples and sample codes?

As I find the RxJava2 is totally different from RxJava1, can I get some Android example codes in?

Answer Source

I have created a sample project to demonstrate the examples usage of RxJava2 in Android application

Here is the project RxJava2-Android-Samples

In this project, you will find the usage of the following :

RxJava 2.0 Example using CompositeDisposable as CompositeSubscription and Subscription have been removed.

RxJava 2 Example using Flowable.

RxJava 2 Example using SingleObserver, CompletableObserver.

RxJava 2 Example using RxJava2 operators such as map, zip, take, reduce, flatMap, filter, buffer, skip, merge, concat, replay, and much more:

RxJava 2 Android Samples using Function as Func1 has been removed.

RxJava 2 Android Samples using BiFunction as Func2 has been removed.

And many others android examples

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