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C# Question

When I open the cefsharp winform application, after the webpage was loaded, then a dos form flashed past.

I write a simple browser by using cefsharp, At the beginning of opening the application, it's normal,but after the website loaded, a dos form flashed past. the application worked, but I don't know why the dos form flashed past.Two days ago,when I ran the application, it's normal, no dos form flashed.

Answer Source

if you're using ppapi-flash (pepper flash) then the first time you load a web-page that uses flash you may see a console window open.

The only known work-around for this is to play with Cef sandboxing modes, but CefSharp specifically has no support for sandboxing and if you want more control over it you would need to bootstrap Cef through a custom VC++ layer. Read more about the upstream issue here.

It is also possible to use version 45 of chromium and enable npapi as an alternative to pepper. This is the release of CefSharp that still uses chromium 45, and npapi can be enabled via the following configuration.

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