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Web Scraping using Rvest on a Tennis table from Wiki

Here I am, a total beginner in R. I am trying to learn more about rvest and how to scrape from the web. Here is the wiki page ( and below is the table I want to transfer to R.

table that i want

Using CSS Selector, I found that the particular table is on ".wikitable". Following some tutorials on other webpages, here is the code that I used:

tennis <- read_html("")
trial <- tennis %>% html_nodes(".wikitable") %>% html_table(fill = T)

I could not isolate the result to the table that I wanted. Can someone please teach me how? An another thing, what does the pipe do (%>%)?

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You were almost there. What you extracted was a list. To get to your desired element you need to use indexing:


To clean it further use:

df <- trial[[2]]
df <- df[-1,]
df[,17:20] <- NULL

enter image description here

%>% is called pipe from the magrittr/dplyr package. More info here.

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