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Hide Video Controls Until User Hover Over Video

i'm trying to hide the video controls on my video, until the user hover over the video, then the controls shows up. Any idea or advice? Thanks. And I've got more than one video.


<div class="item spoon burger"><video width="300" height="auto" controls><source src="videos/sruthi.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video></div>

Answer Source

We can accomplish this through just a couple lines of jQuery, making use of .hover():

Working Example

$('#myvideo').hover(function toggleControls() { if (video.hasAttribute("controls")) { video.removeAttribute("controls") } else { video.setAttribute("controls", "controls") } })

Edit I mistakenly left the variable video in the code above. I changed it to this so that you won't have to manage variables that grab an ID.

$('#myvideo').hover(function toggleControls() {
    if (this.hasAttribute("controls")) {
    } else {
        this.setAttribute("controls", "controls")


<video width="300" height="auto" id="myvideo">
    <source src="#" type="video/mp4" />

Update: You mentioned that you have several videos. So you can use this same logic, and just add additional selectors into $( ). Here's an example:

$('#yourID1, #yourID2, #yourID3').hover(function toggleControls() { ...

Doing that will listen or wait until it detects that you're hovering over one of those IDs.

Updated fiddle

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