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jQuery Question

How hide div inside div when inner div mode left by jquery animate:left function?

I have html:

<div style='width:300px; height:40px; float:left;' class='outerDiv'>
<div style='width:200px; height:40px; float:right;' class='innerDiv'>
Some text


I try to make small move div.innerDiv by:

$('.innerDiv').animate({ left: '+=200px' });

Basic idea - when div.innerDiv move to border of div.outerDiv, div.outerDiv should hide part of div.innerDiv. I stuck on css styles on div's.


see here : jsfiddle

you need to set a position ( relative,absolute,fixed ) so the css left:200px can work.

css :

.outerDiv {
.innerDiv {

jq :

$('.innerDiv').animate({ left: '+=200px' });

let me know if this was what you were looking for.