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DataTables: How to set classes to table row cells (but not to table header cells!)

i have a really nice style for my tables.

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I had to add sClass so that new rows (added by fnAddData) get the right classes.

Unfortunately that ruins my layout, becouse these classes are also added to my table-header cells!

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How can I configure sClass to apply only for TBODY cells?

To clarify:

var rolesTable = $('#roles').dataTable({
"aoColumns": [
{ "mDataProp": "id", "sClass": "avo-lime-h avo-heading-white" },
{ "mDataProp": "name", "sClass": "avo-light" },
{ "mDataProp": "module", "sClass": "avo-light" },
{ "mDataProp": "description", "sClass": "avo-light" },
{ "mDataProp": null, "bSearchable": false, "bSortable": false,
"sDefaultContent": '<button type="button" name="add" class="btn"><i class="icon-plus icon-white"></i></button>' },
}); // end od dataTable

This way when i call

rolesTable.fnAddData( {
"id": 10,
"name": "testname",
"module": "testmodule",
"description": "testdescription"
} );

then the added row looks like this:

<td class="avo-lime-h avo-heading-white">10</td>
<td class="avo-light">testname</td>
<td class="avo-light">testmodule</td>
<td class="avo-light">testdescription</td>

AND that is perfectly OK

** the problem is ** that this setting also adds these classes to:

<tr> (...) </tr>

table head cells... which I do not want

Answer Source

Solution to my problem was: useing fnRowCallback instead of sClass to set classes to new rows.

  var rolesTable = $('#roles').dataTable({
      "aoColumns": [
        { "mDataProp": "id" },
        { "mDataProp": "name" },
        { "mDataProp": "module" },
        { "mDataProp": "description" },
        { "mDataProp": null, "bSearchable": false, "bSortable": false, 
          "sDefaultContent": '<button type="button" name="add" class="btn btn-round"><i class="icon-plus icon-white"></i></button>' }, 
      "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex, iDisplayIndexFull ) {
          $('td:eq(0)', nRow).addClass( "avo-lime-h avo-heading-white" );
          $('td:eq(1),td:eq(2),td:eq(3)', nRow).addClass( "avo-light" );
  }); // end od dataTable
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