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Downsides to "WITH SCHEMABINDING" in SQL Server?

I have a database with hundreds of awkwardly named tables in it (CG001T, GH066L, etc), and I have views on every one with its "friendly" name (the view "CUSTOMERS" is "SELECT * FROM GG120T", for example). I want to add "WITH SCHEMABINDING" to my views so that I can have some of the advantages associated with it, like being able to index the view, since a handful of views have computed columns that are expensive to compute on the fly.

Are there downsides to SCHEMABINDING these views? I've found some articles that vaguely allude to the downsides, but never go into them in detail. I know that once a view is schemabound, you can't alter anything that would impact the view (for example, a column datatype or collation) without first dropping the view, so that's one, but aside from that? It seems that the ability to index the view itself would far outweigh the downside of planning your schema modifications more carefully.

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None at all. It's safer. we use it everywhere.

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