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Java Question

Why is the java cookbook depending on so many other cookbooks?

I'm trying to run the open-source Java cookbook using chef-solo and although it shouldn't require any other cookbooks, chef keeps saying that a cookbook required to run this one is missing. First it asked me to install apt, then homebrew, then _build_essentials_. It seems like a never ending list of cookbooks. What am I doing wrong?

This is how I'm running the cookbook:

chef-solo -c solo.rb -o recipe[java]

is a configuration file with the path to the cookbooks folder.

The same thing also happens when I try to run the WAS cookbook.

Answer Source

In short: Chef does not (yet) support conditional dependencies. That's why all cookbooks that provide resources or recipes that might be used need to be declared as dependency.

The Java cookbook uses resources from many other cookbooks to install Java on different systems, e.g., Windows, Linux, MacOS etc. Therefore, it makes use of other cookbooks, that provide resources for e.g. installing a package under Windows, adding an APT repository etc.

In order to allow the cookbook to either include a recipe or use a resource (e.g. apt_repository) from another cookbook, this one has to be specified as dependency so that it is loaded prior to executing the cookbook (e.g. Java). Otherwise, this resource/recipe would not be known to Chef.

So all of these cookbooks will be loaded during the Chef run, but their code will not be executed. While this feels a bit annoying, esp. in your case when you obviously manually download the cookbooks, this isn't so disturbing when you use Berkshelf for dependency resolution. This is highly recommended.

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