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Use more than one Firebase database in single app - Swift

I have a firebase database currently connected to my app with the GoogleService-Info.plist, etc. It works great.

I would like to connect my app to a second firebase database as well.

It looks like this problem was solved for Android here.

Any idea how to add a second firebase database with Swift in Xcode?

EDIT: I have tried several approaches, including using FIROptions to set up an instance of a database. I just can't seem to structure the code correctly. Any help is appreciated!


The proper way to initialize another database is to initialize another app, using the FIROptions constructor, like so:

FIRDatabase().database() // gets you the default database

let options = FIROptions(googleAppID:  bundleID: , GCMSenderID: , APIKey: , clientID: , trackingID: , androidClientID: , databaseURL: "https://othernamespace.firebaseio.com", storageBucket: , deepLinkURLScheme: ) // fill in all the other fields 
FIRApp.configureWithName("anotherClient", options: options)
let app = FIRApp(named: "anotherClient")
FIRDatabase.database(app: app!) // gets you the named other database

Or you can initialize from another named plist rather than a huge constructor:

let filePath = NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource("MyCool-GoogleService-Info", ofType:"plist")
let options = FIROptions(contentsOfFile:filePath)