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Use more than one Firebase database in single app - Swift

I have a firebase database currently connected to my app with the GoogleService-Info.plist, etc. It works great.

I would like to connect my app to a second firebase database as well.

It looks like this problem was solved for Android here.

Any idea how to add a second firebase database with Swift in Xcode?

EDIT: I have tried several approaches, including using FIROptions to set up an instance of a database. I just can't seem to structure the code correctly. Any help is appreciated!

Answer Source

The proper way to initialize another database is to initialize another app, using the FIROptions constructor, like so:

FIRDatabase().database() // gets you the default database

let options = FIROptions(googleAppID:  bundleID: , GCMSenderID: , APIKey: , clientID: , trackingID: , androidClientID: , databaseURL: "https://othernamespace.firebaseio.com", storageBucket: , deepLinkURLScheme: ) // fill in all the other fields 
FIRApp.configureWithName("anotherClient", options: options)
let app = FIRApp(named: "anotherClient")
FIRDatabase.database(app: app!) // gets you the named other database

Or you can initialize from another named plist rather than a huge constructor:

let filePath = NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource("MyCool-GoogleService-Info", ofType:"plist")
let options = FIROptions(contentsOfFile:filePath)
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