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Why I'm getting 'Non-static method should not be called statically' when invoking a method in a Eloquent model?

Im trying to load my model in my controller and tried this:

return Post::getAll();

got the error
Non-static method Post::getAll() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context

The function in the model looks like this:

public function getAll()

return $posts = $this->all()->take(2)->get();


What's the correct way to load the model in a controller and then return it's contents?

Answer Source

You defined your method as non-static and you are trying to invoke it as static. That said...

  1. ... if you want to invoke a static method, you should use the :: and define your method as static.

    // Defining a static method in a Foo class.
    public static function getAll() { /* code */ }
    // Invoking that static method
  2. ... otherwise, if you want to invoke an instance method you should instance your class, use ->.

    // Defining a non-static method in a Foo class.
    public function getAll() { /* code */ }
    // Invoking that non-static method.
    $foo = new Foo();

Note: In Laravel, almost all Eloquent methods return an instance of your model, allowing you to chain methods as shown below:

$foos = Foo::all()->take(10)->get();

In that code we are statically calling the all method via Facade. After that, all other methods are being called as instance methods.

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