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Using substring with xargs in cygwin

I'm trying to use substring functionality with on the

portion of an xargs piped statement in cygwin. Here's my command without the substring:

git branch -r --merged master | grep "feature/" | xargs -I {} git push origin :{}

This is almost what I need it to do, but the command string generated by the first two parts has a "origin/" in front of it. So I just need to cut this off. I read about using
for substring. This is how I'm trying to use it:

git branch -r --merged master | grep "feature/" | xargs -I {} git push origin :${{}:7}

but I'm getting the "bad substitution" error message because it looks like that command needs a variable and doesn't like the
. I know I could probably get around this by writing a simple bash script to iterate over the list generated by
git branch -r --merged master | grep "feature/"
but I'm guessing there's some small syntax I could change to get this working.

Answer Source

{} is not a shell variable. You can pass it to bash -c command line:

git branch -r --merged master | grep "feature/" | 
xargs -I {} bash -c 'git push origin ":${1#origin/}"' - {}

${1#origin/}" will remove origin/ at the start of $1.

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