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React JSX Question

How to communicate between two siblings components without changing state of parent?

I am new to ReactJS and I faced the following problem - I have

component, and two child components -
. Both of these has children items. What I want is when I hover a component in
- change style of appropriate component in
and vice versa.
I can handle hover events, but if I save ID of hovered element in
state, it will rerender full
component on each hover. How can I avoid this?
I'm not using Redux or something like this.

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Answer Source

No, it won't.

It will only rerender the elements that have changed.
Just do it and don't worry - O(n) is extremely fast. As pointed out in the comments, if your component is extremely large - you could implement an intermediate one as well.

Here is how React implements the diff algorithm.

Rerender in case of:

  • Different Node Types
  • Key attribute changed
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