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jQuery Question

Javascript error on Safari

I'm having some problems with javascript on desktop safari, on mobile is working fine.

When I try to run:

return Math.trunc(num * Math.pow(10, 2)) / Math.pow(10, 2);

I'm getting on console:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'Math.trunc(num * Math.pow(10, 2))')

Any idea why can it be? On the rest of browsers is working perfectly and I have no clue why (I've never worked with safari).


Answer Source

Math.trunc was added in ES2015 (June 2015). Apparently the JavaScript engine in the version of Safari you're using doesn't have it yet.

You could polyfill it if it's missing:

if (!Math.trunc) {
    Object.defineProperty(Math, "trunc", {
        value: function(val) {
            return val < 0 ? Math.ceil(val) : Math.floor(val);
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