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Count number of lines in an in-built function, extract range of lines by specifying numbers

Lets say I have an in built function whose code is very lengthy, so I want to count the number of lines in the function and display just part of code by providing the range of numbers to some function.

To see how many lines are there in a function, I used

function, which will display numbers in front of each line


I tried using
combination, i.e. lets say I want from lines 145 to 150 of a function, so I did


Is there any function available in R besides using
in combination where I can just provide object name, and two numbers to extract the lines from that object.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Answer Source

I am not sure if you are looking for this one, but you could write youre own function:

code_block <- function(x, y, z) { # x = your function, y = lower limit, z = upper limit
  dat <- data.frame(head(x, n = z))
  dat[which(as.numeric(rownames(dat)) >= y  & as.numeric(rownames(dat)) <= z), ]

code_block(summary.lm, 12, 20)

> code_block(summary.lm, 10, 20)

10         w <- z$weights                                                  
11         if (is.null(w)) {                                               
12             rss <- sum(r^2)                                             
13         }                                                               
14         else {                                                          
15             rss <- sum(w * r^2)                                         
16             r <- sqrt(w) * r                                            
17         }                                                               
18         resvar <- rss/rdf                                               
19         ans <- z[c("call", "terms", if (!is.null(z$weights)) "weights")]
20         class(ans) <- "summary.lm" 
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