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C++ Question

What modern C++ libraries should be in my toolbox?

I've been out of the C++ game for about 10 years and I want to get back in and start on a commercial app. What libraries are in use these days?

  • User interface (e.g, wxWidgets, Qt)

  • Database

  • General purpose (e.g. Boost, Loki, STL)

  • Threading

  • Testing

  • Network/sockets

I looking to be cross-platform compatible (as much as possible out-of-the-box).

What libraries to do you rely on? What features do they provide that make them "indispensable"?

See my answer below for a summary.

Answer Source

Cross-platform libraries that are free for commercial (or non-commercial) applications

Feel free to expand this list

Links to additional lists of open source C++ libraries:


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