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json to nested unordered list

I am trying to convert a JSON into an unordered list in jQuery.This is my JSON data.

var myJSON = "{name:\"Director\",children:[name:\"Exe Director1\",name:\"Exe Director2\",name:\"Exe Director3\",children:[name:\"Sub Director1\",name:\"Sub Director2\",name:\"Sub Director3\",children:[name:\"Cameraman 1\",name:\"Cameraman 2\"]]]}";

The expected output being

<li>Exe Director 1</li>
<li>Exe Director 2</li>
<li>Exe Director 3
<li>Sub Director 1</li>
<li>Sub Director 2</li>
<li>Sub Director 3
<li>Cameraman 1</li>
<li>Cameraman 2</li>

How do I go about with this!


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This is exactly what you need:

Use the jQuery template API. This was once part of jQuery but is currently only available as plugin. However, I think jQuery will adopt this or a similar technique again soon.


Its super easy to use:

$.tmpl("template", jsonObject)

Here a small basic template example:

    [{Id:1, Name:"Werner"}, {Id:2, Name:"Klaus"}]

This will result in the following jQuery HTML element that can be appended to anywhere:

  • 1 Werner
  • 2 Klaus
  • For your complex data, you can also iterate JSON sub objects using the "{{each}}" template notation. Here the code for your data and template:

    var data = {name:"Director",children:[{name:"Exe Director1"},{name:"Exe Director2"},{name:"Exe Director3", children:[{name:"Sub Director3_1"},{name:"Sub Director3_2"},{name:"Sub Director3_3",children:[{name:"Cameraman3_3_1"},{name:"Cameraman3_3_2"}]}]}]};
    var template = '\
                    {{each(childindex, child) children}}\
                                {{each(child2index, child2) child.children}}\
    $('body').empty().append($.tmpl(template, data));

    Browsers Result:

    • Director
      • Exe Director1
      • Exe Director2
      • Exe Director3
        • Sub Director3_1
        • Sub Director3_2
        • Sub Director3_3
        • ...

    This can be tweaked to support full recursion by including nested templates... but im a lazy guy and the rest is todo for you.

    cheers, will

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