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How to update an Heroku App created using github "Deploy to Heroku" button?

I've created an app using a github 'Deploy to Heroku' button. Since the git project has changed, how to update my existing instance with new upstream commits ?

Answer Source

I went and grabbed the original repo and then force pushed it onto my app in heroku. Looks like this:

git clone https://github.com/USER/REPO.git
git checkout v0.7.3
git remote add heroku https://git.heroku.com/APP-NAME.git
git push -f heroku master

Heroku makes it easy to clone the repot for you app using

heroku git:clone -a app-name

I originally tried doing that and then adding the original repo as a remote and merging changes, but I ran into some trouble which I didn't feel like figuring out.

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