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Duplicate entry: org/appcelerator/titanium/gen/bindings.json in custom Android module

Setup / Problem

I've create a custom Android module for Titanium to display Gif animations inside Ti. The module source code can be found here:

The actual module is working fine but when I use it with a second module (with the same problem) I receive the following error:

java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry:

The problem is inside the gifimageview.jar file:

enter image description here

My two modules each have a bindings.json file inside the /gen folder that contains the same information as the bindings/gifview.json. So if I remove it manually in one module I can use both modules (because there is only one bindings.json now).


How can I advise the compiler not to create this file or change the name? When I compile the module with
I see this in the output:

[javac] Compiling 3 source files to /home/miga/dev/ti.gif/android/build/classes
[javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6
[javac] Note: [KrollBindingGen] Running Kroll binding generator.
[javac] Note: [KrollBindingGen] Succesfully loaded existing binding data: /home/miga/dev/ti.gif/android/build/classes/org/appcelerator/titanium/gen/bindings.json
[javac] Note: [KrollBindingGen] Found binding for proxy GifView
[javac] Note: [KrollBindingGen] Found binding for module Tigifview
[javac] Note: [KrollBindingGen] Generating JSON: file:/home/miga/dev/ti.gif/android/build/classes/org/appcelerator/titanium/gen/bindings.json
[copy] Copying 1 file to /home/miga/dev/ti.gif/android/build/classes

There it is creating the bindings.json

What I've tried



to the settings file: https://github.com/m1ga/com.miga.gifview/blob/master/android/.settings/org.eclipse.jdt.apt.core.prefs
didn't work

My setup

  • javac -version: javac 1.8.0_91

  • CLI version 5.0.6

  • Titanium SDK version 5.2.2.GA

  • Android-23

Answer Source

This was a confirmed bug and is fixed in 6.1.0

Issue details: https://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/TIMOB-23502

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