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Python Question

Can I access specific key values in dictionary from django template?

Is there any get() function for this instead?

{% for key, value in choices.items %}
<li>{{key}} - {{value}}</li>
{% endfor %}

From python I have the get() function to get values from a specific key. But I couldn't find a corresponding way to do that with django template tags. So I wonder is it possible?
I need to get specific values since using loops adds a lot of new lines in the html source.

Or should take care of the output inside the view before sending it out to the template, which method is better?

Answer Source

You can use {{ choices.items.key }} to access a specific dict element.

There is no reason to care about whitespace in the HTML code though; the typical end-user has no real business in reading it and if he's curious he an always use a DOM viewer or run it through a HTML beautifier.

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