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Optimising Android application before release

I'm in a "special" situation about efficiency of my program. Now I'm at a phase where I need to improve the performance of the application and reduce battery consumption.

Before the question:

Now, I'm curious to know about other developers' special fixes which they have used to optimise their own applications. Stuff that users may never recognise or pay attention to. However, the fixes will either increase the battery life or help improve maintenance of the application.

So, what's your unique optimizing trick(s)?

I'm in a particular situation where I'm really looking for knowledge and I think this will be a great opportunity to share developers knowledge about a situation they've all been in.

Please, vote up great answers as that will encourage great developers to share their knowledge.

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At some point you are going to get to the point where using known tricks will hit their limits. The best thing to do at this point is profile your code and see what areas are the bottle-necks based on your specific requirements.

Investigating RAM usage using MAT and Using Traceview: an article on how to use the tools to profile your application.